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Are you a large business? Do you need more speed than DSL? Do you need ultra-reliability and service for maximum uptime? If so, then your enterprise needs a QSpeed T1 or T3 to maximize your internet potential!

QSpeed T1/T3 Service

  • Up to 45M speed
  • Full time, Telco grade leased line
  • T1 bridge or router included
  • Backup mail services - If your mail server goes down, we will queue your mail for you
  • 24 hr monitoring
  • Add web hosting for just $20 more per month!
  • Add domain registration for just $25 per year!


Call us today at 410-239-6920 or 888-889-4-NET and talk to a Quantum representative to identify the QSpeed T1/T3 plan that would best fit your enterprise. Quantum has locations in Carroll County and Baltimore Maryland!






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