Long Distance Service

operatorQuantel’s unlimited nationwide long distance service may be bundled with any Quantel residential telephone plan for only $10 per month. If you only make a few long distance calls each month, then our 5¢ per minute long distance plan may be a more economical choice. Our personal 800 service plan, at only $5 per month and 6¢ per minute, is a great choice if you have children away at college, or friends and family out of state.

Quantel’s long distance service for business starts at 5¢ per minute, with volume discounts available. 800 service is available at 6¢ per minute

For more information, please call us today at 410-239-6920 or toll free at 1-866-QUANTEL and talk to a sales technician, or, fill out this form
and we'll call you. Prices do not include applicable
Federal and State taxes, surcharges and fees.

Quantum Telecommunications, Inc. (Quantel), an affiliate of Quantum Internet Services, Inc., is authorized by the Maryland Public Service Commission to provide local and long distance telephone service in the state of Maryland.

Quantum has locations in Carroll County and Baltimore Maryland!


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